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How Everpurse Works

These handbags charge your iPhone, wire-free, on the go! We created the technology that powers these bags with you in mind. You have places to go, people to see, and no time to stay plugged into the wall. Staying charged all day long is as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Slide your iPhone into the charging pocket. The phone will connect and instantly begin to charge! Everpurse will recharge most iPhones up to 2.5 times.
    2. Overnight (6-8 hours), place your Everpurse on the charging mat to recharge the bag.
    3. A blue light on the charging mat comes on, showing that the bag is charging. The light on the charging mat will turn green in the morning when the bag is fully charged.

    All Day Battery

    Forget about charging, stay powered all day long.

    Places to go, people to see, things to do and no time to search for an outlet? From morning to well past party time, Everpurse will keep your iPhone powered all day long. Simply slide your phone into your bag’s SmartPocket™ and your Everpurse will instantly begin to charge your iPhone. It’s that simple.

    All Day Battery

    A Wire-free Experience

    Never think about charging again!

    At work or at home, you have that special place for your handbag. Now, that location can keep your Everpurse charged too. Our custom tech aligns your handbag perfectly so you simply place your bag on the charging mat and it instantly begins to power up. Yes, it’s that simple.


    Everpurse Smart Charging

    Advanced technology to power your life.

    Everpurse tech allows your mat and bag talk to each other to ensure the perfect charging solution so your Everpurse bag battery lasts for years. When the mat LED turns green, you know you have a full-day’s worth of power. At all times, our tech ensures that your iPhone battery is taken care of, for example, once your iPhone is full, the Everpurse tech will directly power your iPhone ensuring that the battery is kept fresh, at 100% and ready for you.

    SmartPocket™ Technology.

    Wire-free. Adapter free. Hassle free.

    We all hate cables, so there none are to be found in your Everpurse. To use your Everpurse, absolutely no special adapters, cables or cases are needed! In fact, you can use a brand new naked iPhone right out of the box or with your favorite Kate Spade case. The Everpurse’s charging SmartPocket™ is lined with our patented docking technology that perfectly guides your phone to an Apple lightning connector. Every Everpurse comes with a custom dock for all iPhone types currently on sale (iPhone 5/6/7/8, iPhone X as well as the 'S' and 'Plus +' variants) and these docks are fully upgradable into the future.

    Everpurse SmartPocket Technology

    Compatible with all iPhones.

    Compatible iPhones

    Charging on the Go.

    Anywhere in the world!

    Everpurse technology is light, powerful and virtually invisible. It is airport travel-safe, credit card safe, and our USB powered charging mat is compatible worldwide. Go ahead and explore the world while staying powered all day long.

    Beautiful Technology, Powerful Design.

    Everything you need for charging bliss.

    Every Everpurse comes with all the components you need. Included is a high-power 10W USB adapter that works all over the world and enables you to rapidly charge your Everpurse. Our recommended high-current USB cable is accompanied by three custom docks so you can use the Everpurse with iPhone 5/5SE, 6/6S, 6+/6S+, 7/7+ & 8/8+. Charge your iPhone X in your Everpurse using the iPhone 6 sleeve!