About Everpurse

About Everpurse

Everpurse charging technology

Building the future of fashion...

Everpurse began with the search for a bag that did not yet exist. A handbag of the future. A product powered by technology to deeply enhance the experience between the always connected millennial girl and her handbag. 


Everpurse technology

...challenged us to build a brand new product category: a tech platform for handbags.

This required that we build a completely new type of product; a tech platform for handbags which would not change the key experience of the item, the design, and even the manufacture process of the handbag.


No design changes

Our guiding principles: never change the design, enhance the experience. 

We have an obsession with eliminating wires, buttons, special attachments, and ANYTHING that is 'techy' in its experience because the most important principle is to NEVER change the handbag design. To be useful, the best technology doesn’t require changes to your behavior. It enhances your life. 


Everpurse fashion tech platform

What the Everpurse Tech Platform does.

Create a deeper relationship between her and her favorite handbag brand, whether through wire-free mobile charging, tracking her handbag if lost, tracking her important items inside her bag, and even letting her know that the handbag she is considering is indeed a genuine item from her favorite brand. 


Everpurse patented technology

Everpurse takes brands to the future of fashion.

With the most robust and future-proof technology platform in the industry, as well as the largest patent portfolio in the sector, Everpurse is strategically positioned to empower brands to conquer the future of fashion.